boveda del sol,
empirical space doom

Boveda del Sol is an elephant in the room. Psychedelia, heavy sounds and an experimental ambiance are the breeding ground for the Empirical Space Doom (as I like to call it).



Spacially approved and spiritually dense, an experimental journey to a dimension where gravity tunes in B and the air is filled with drone ambients.



After years of work and playing several instruments in rock bands (like Mindust or Fuzz Forward), I decided to start this project that saw the light in 2016 with its debut album, Terra Firma.



AUDIO services

Throughout the years I’ve had the pleasure of working on some great projects, with amazing musicians and artists, what do you need?



With the production I can help you artistically guide your songs so they sound, and say, as you had in mind. Let’s analyze your songs, turn them upside down and make them great!



During the mixing process we turn all those raw tracks into your music, just like you wanted it to sound, making each separate element sound as best as it can, and the cohesion and depth that your music deserves.



This is the delicate final process, we turn that mix into a finished product, compact, coherent and polished. All masters include a digital master disk image in DDP format for their pressing.




Need a new element for your music? Let’s make it so! Soundscapes, psychedelic synths, spacey noises, whatever you can think of!



You have your guitars or bass D.I tracks, but you want a different sound, with reamping we can make you play through other rigs so you can find the tone you’re looking for.


Digital platforms

Need any help publishing your music in digital platforms like Spotify, Tidal, Youtube Music or Apple Music? You’ve got it!

What the hell Am I talking about?

Ask me!

A sample of projects on which I have worked

take a listen!

UDOL – 153 Lliures i 17 salaris

Drum recording & reamping


Fuzz forward – Out of nowhere

Production, recording, edit, mixing / Bass

Bis·nte – Ancestral Punishment

Session drums, edit, mix, master

Boveda del Sol – Terra Firma

Production, recording, edit, mix and master / Guitars, bass, drums, synths & vocals

Mindust – Taking Off

Production, recording, edit, mix and mastering / Drums

Takoningen & BDS – Escaping the Future

Production, recording, edit, mix, master / Guitar, Synths, Sampler

Dust-O-Level – What’s a matter with you, rock?

Multitrack live recording, edit, mix and master



Hi! I’m a musician, music producer and sound technician

My name is Jordi Vaquero, my jam’s creating music, but also recording, mixing and masteringI’m a music lover, I decided to focus my career on professional audio. Although I specialized in live sound and postproduction, I decided to go one step further and learn to design and install P.A systems for venues, theaters and live events.


Gigs give me life! I’m a space and FX guy. Fuzz my last last name, and an extra pedal is never a bad idea. I’ve got more than a 100 bands in my Top 5, and my life soundtrack is Kyuss playing black metal at Saturns rings.


I love creating and shaping ideas that later become songs; and I love helping other artists create and find the sound they’re looking for, touching buttons, trying thingies and having fun doing so.
Do you have a project?  Let’s make it sound!